Founded over 30 years ago (1987), SBCC became the first independent advisory firm focused on risk management, derivatives and workouts.

SBCC’s activities were initially focused on assisting, educating, and launching businesses within the transformative areas of derivatives, risk measurement, risk management, due diligence and modeling. In addition to providing thought leadership and strategic implementation, we also were called upon by institutional investors, funds, dealers, banks and others to help with the numerous problems related to the Stock Market Crash of 1987, the Savings & Loan Crisis and hedging Insurer’s GICs.

In the years that followed, SBCC’s professionals were involved in several high-profile assignments including the Orange County crisis, David Askin’s Granite Funds, Paine Webber’s kitchen sink bonds, mutual funds that risked “breaking the buck”, the Bankers Trust’s forensic review, the Currency Crisis of 1998 and LTCM. We also were called upon to assist in the creation of numerous best practices relating to derivatives, risk models and due dilligence.  When financial markets grew more benign, SBCC’s services extended into the areas of asset management, quantitative finance and algorithmic trading.

By 2006, SBCC was called in to tackle the major challenges posed by the Great Recession, as well as to assist firms in the restructuring tens of billions of dollars in credit default swaps, collateralized debt obligations, asset-backed commercial paper and collateralized bank loans. We also became more actively involved in helping global financial firms with liquidity, strategic and workout plans.

Today, SBCC educates and helps to launch businesses and integrate cutting-edge products in the constantly evolving finance space.  Our business extends into transformative areas such as ETFs, big data-driven trading, derivatives on crypto-currencies, blockchain, artificial intelligence and robo-advising – to name just a few. Our business activities include solving problems for traditional players, fintech start-ups and investors.

SBCC also established a marketing communications division for today’s digital world; developing cohesive and compelling marketing programs designed to create value, develop rapport, and deliver relationships within a specific target audience or investor group. Our primary objective is to elevate an organization ‘above the noise’ of competing firms through message development, branding initiatives, cross-media execution, and a fresher perspective.

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