Tanya Beder

Chairman & CEO

Ms. Beder is Chairman and CEO of SBCC Group where she heads the global strategy, fintech, and asset management practices. She especially works with stakeholders – from entrepreneurs to investors to boards of directors and others – to successfully launch and transform businesses in the rapidly-evolving financial and fintech landscapes. Ms. Beder frequently is called upon to assist with technology-enabled innovations from leveraging big data and artificial intelligence in finance to derivatives on crypto currencies. Her consulting clients range from fintech firms and start-ups to asset managers, banks, broker dealers, insurers, hedge funds, companies, law firms and others.

Joseph Bretton


Mr. Bretton is a Principal of SBCC Group where he leads the Marketing Communications practice. He advises a broad array of companies on how to define, communicate, and sell an organization’s value proposition, employing an approach that builds dialogue, creates value, and ultimately delivers relationships to an organization. Mr. Bretton especially works with clients in information-rich, information-intensive, and information-dependent industries including hedge funds, fintech and technology-enabled healthcare and retail.

Rick Harrell


Mr. Harrell is a Principal of SBCC Group where he leads Global Technology and Innovation. He focuses on the design, development, and implementation of both large-scale technology systems and smaller scale projects. Mr. Harrell’s expertise spans a long history of successful project implementations through multiple cycles of technology innovation, disruption, and re-engineering. He often advises regarding projects that enable diverse systems to communicate, facilitate improved information flow, with designs that enable code reuse and reduced implementation timeframes.

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