Rick Harrell, Principal

Mr. Harrell is a Principal of SBCC Group where he leads Global Technology and Innovation. He focuses on the design, development and implementation of both large-scale technology systems and smaller scale projects. Mr. Harrell’s expertise spans a long history of successful project implementations through multiple cycles of technology innovation, disruption and re-engineering. He often advises regarding projects that enable diverse systems to communicate, facilitate improved information flow, with designs that enable code reuse and reduced implementation timeframes.

Mr. Harrell’s vast experience includes roles as Chief Technology Officer (CTO), where he built global technology systems that supported 24-hour trading activities in equities, fixed income, currencies, commodities, foreign exchange, credit, derivatives and exotics across multiple offices and continents. As CTO he also designed, developed and implemented – including attracting the necessary technologists — front, middle and back office mission-critical systems, including for algorithmic and high-frequency trading styles. Mr. Harrell also has advised regarding large- and small- scale projects with a focus on Project Management, Development, Infrastructure, Global Support, Information Security and Intellectual Property Security.

Previously, Mr. Harrell was CTO at hedge funds Tribeca Global and Caxton’s Strategic Quantitative Investment Division which focused on algorithmic and quantitative trading. Prior, he was in the senior development team at FT-Interactive Data, and before that developed and supported pricing and regulatory reporting systems for some of the largest global banks and dealers.

Mr. Harrell holds a B.S. in Business Administration from Barton College.