Tanya Beder, Chairman & CEO

Ms. Beder is Chairman and CEO of SBCC Group where she heads the global strategy, fintech, and asset management practices. She especially works with stakeholders – from entrepreneurs to investors to boards of directors and others – to successfully launch and transform businesses in the rapidly-evolving financial and fintech landscapes. Ms. Beder frequently is called upon to assist with technology-enabled innovations from leveraging big data and artificial intelligence in finance to derivatives on crypto currencies. Her consulting clients range from fintech firms and start-ups to asset managers, banks, broker dealers, insurers, hedge funds, companies, law firms and others.

Ms. Beder has extensive experience in derivatives, risk management, asset management and the governance and oversight frameworks required to succeed with ever-greater dependence on technology and innovation.  For eight years, she taught the popular graduate course, “The Future of Finance” at Stanford University which focuses on the remarkable transformation of finance since the Great Recession. She evaluates and identifies who is likely to thrive – and not survive – in the new global environment.

Euromoney named Ms. Beder one of the top 50 women in finance around the world and The Hedgefund Journal named her one of the 50 leading women in hedge funds. While she served as CEO of Tribeca, Absolute Return awarded the prestigious Institutional Investment Manager of the Year Award.

Previously, Ms. Beder held senior positions as CEO of Tribeca Global Management LLC, a $3 billion multi-strategy fund with trading operations in New York, London and Singapore and Managing Director of Caxton Associates LLC, a $10 billion asset management firm headquartered in New York.

Ms. Beder has written numerous articles in the financial area that have been published by The Journal of Portfolio Management, The Financial Analysts Journal, The Harvard Business Review, The Journal of Financial Engineering, Probus Publishing, John Wiley & Sons, and Simon & Schuster. She is an author of the book ‘Financial Engineering, The Evolution of a Profession’, which discusses the uses (and misuses) of derivatives and complex instruments and their role in the global financial system.

Ms. Beder guest-lectures and speaks to industry and academic audiences around the world and has been featured on Bloomberg television, CNBC, and Fox Business News, among others.  She holds degrees from Harvard and Yale.