Founded in 1987, SBCC offers independent advisory services of the highest standard in fintech and traditional finance. For over three decades, our team has been at the heart of technology-enabled financial innovation with experience that spans six continents.  

From derivatives, risk management and algorithmic trading to the latest fintech products, SBCC works with a diverse, forward-thinking and world-wide client base interested in seizing opportunities and tackling risks within an ever-evolving financial and supervisory landscape.

SBCC clients include fintech & traditional financial firms, corporations, institutional investors, law firms, family offices, hedge funds and boards of directors, among others. We have a substantive and comprehensive understanding of our clients’ business needs and are committed to the highest standards of service, ethics, governance, confidentiality and honesty of opinion.

In addition, SBCC believes in giving back to the communities it serves. We have a deep and long-standing commitment to mentoring and pro bono work within the academic, financial, municipal and regulatory fields.

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